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7 Keys for buying a used car in spokane

  1. Choose a reputable dealership.  509CARS.COM has a 4.8 rating with with 30/31 reviewers recommending our dealership.   Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled.
  2. Communicate with your salesperson.  Your salesperson is there to help you get what you want and talking to them is how they know how to do that.  Prefer texting to calls?  Let them know so they can reach you.  Only can test drive at 3pm on a Tuesday?  Let them know so they can have the vehicle ready for you.  Need the car or truck delivered to your doorstep?  We can do that too! (Some restrictions apply)
  3. Know your budget.  Knowing what payment range you can comfortably afford helps determine what vehicles to look at.  If you know your credit score ahead of time it can help predict possible interest rates.  The more money down you have the lower your monthly payment will be.  We want you to be happy with both the vehicle and the payment.
  4. If you have a vehicle you are considering trading in, bring it in for a complimentary appraisal.  An in person appraisal gives you an accurate current value on your vehicle so you know if you are in a negative equity position or if you have equity that can be applied towards your down payment.
  5. Look at the Carfax.  If your dealership doesn’t give you one, be suspicious.  (See 1st Key).  We won’t sell a vehicle without a Carfax. We want you to know that you are buying a high quality used vehicle that we have confidence in.
  6. Test drive if at all possible.  It’s how you know if you actually like the vehicle you’re considering.
  7. Seize the day.  If you find a vehicle at a reputable dealer that meets your needs and fits in your budget- take action!  Especially if you love it.  There are no 2 used vehicles exactly alike and someone else may be looking at the same one.  It may disappear before you expect it to.

Checklist for car shopping

after filling out this checklist, print it and take it with you when you look for your next new car.

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